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We create awesome stuff for small businesses!

Here's how . . .

We can help you sharpen up your brand image, smarten up your website, improve your online presence and win more business - and we make sure you look amazing doing it!

Essentially we help oil the cogs of your business. If your business needs a digital makeover or a revamp, an improved social media profile, a new website or any form of digital tonic, talk to us today and let's make some magic!

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Web developers for small businesses

of consumers will move to another site if they can’t find what they’re looking within 6 seconds

of browsers research products online before going to a store 

of people would rather read something beautifully designed than something plain


Website design & build

We develop smart, inspiring and affordable web sites for PC, tablet and mobile, using the latest web technology that allows you to keep control of the content.  


Promo videos

We create powerful, punchy promo vids that hammer home your message loud and clear! We create the story board, write the script and produce the video.

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Social media

We help dispell the mystery and confusion surrounding social media. We'll help you plan and implement an effective social media strategy to suit your budget.

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Email marketing


Effective email marketing is something of a dark art. We can shed light on it by helping you write and plan email marketing campaigns that deliver the results you need.

Logo design


We design smart, inspiring logo's that headline your brand indentity and accurately reflect your ethos and core values.



Selling your products online can transform your business. We'll help you plan and implement a highly effective, successful e-commerce strategy. 

About us
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A little about us . . .

Essenz is a small team of experienced digital design experts who exploit the concept of remote working to combine their expertise and provide small businesses with powerful digital design that makes a real difference to their development without breaking the bank. 


We don't occupy swanky offices. We use the wonders of modern technology to operate a lean and mean agency and we pass those savings directly on to our clients.


Our combination of smart tech and commercial savvy enables us deliver cost effective digital solutions well within reach of most small businesses.


Essenz perfectly fills the gap between the prohibitively expensive and the woefully ineffective. That gap where SME's need good, solid, digital design services that will make a great impact but won't hurt their cash flow.


Call 03301 339 361 to find out how we can help sharpen up your image!

Or drop us a line here

The team

Meet our small & passionate team.

Firstly, this isn't Mark now of course. Mark is now in his late forties, overweight and, by his own admission,  no longer particularly photogenic. Mark is however, a great designer with 20 years experience designing all sorts of cool stuff for all sorts of businesses. Mark also has an accute commerical insight to turn cool design into real business winning assets. 

This is Sophie in one of her more fetching outfits! Sophie is something of a genius word smith and social media guru who has a way of turning words into an art form to make sure, whatever your message, it's delivered with as much punch and impact as possible.

Michael is our resident geek. All digital design agencies need one and Michael is one of the best. With years of experience of web development, hosting and SEO management, Michael is a competent all rounder. 




If all the best things come in small packages then the Essenz team is no exception. To be fair, we're more of a gaggle than a team but none the less avidly passionate and enthusiastic and extraordinarily capable. We simply love what we do.

That number again . . . 03301 339 361


Just a few of our recent projects . . .


Fastrack Soccer provide exclusive training camps for aspiring soccer students in Marbella.

Launched at the start of 2016 we undertook the design of their corporate branding, the design and build of their website and the production of their promotional explainer video. 

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Race Car Syndicates provides syndicated race car ownership. They needed a website that connected with their target market and was easy to update and edit to accommodate their fast moving business. They also needed an ecommerce site to sell shares on line and as an outlet for merchandise.

They also required an app developed for each race car in their portfolio.



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TalentSpa offer a fixed price recuitment service launched at the beginning of 2013. They needed a full package including logo design, stationery, website and promotional video.


They needed it fast and they needed it completed within budget. We were able to deliver on time and within budget. OTL provide mobile tuning services and needed a full package including logo design, social media headers, website and promotional video.




Finceler8 are a new Fintech accelerator business based in the city providing rapid development strategies to Fintech start ups and fintech evaluation services to financial institutions. With new clients coming on board immediately after their inception they needed to move quickly to establish a new corporate identity and website that reflected the highly professional nature of their ground breaking business. 

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Contacts us
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